#60-61 2012 – Extradisciplinary spaces

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OEI It 60-61 / 2013
1 UNIPT/11/0/D/U/C/T1I/0/N
5 Kirsten Pieroth, The Practice of Everyday Life
24 Erica Baum, from the series Index
27 Ilene Segalove, History of the American 20th Century
Side-by-sideness in Sao Paulo 38 (a conversation with Homi K. Bhabha)
45 Bernardo Ortiz, A Pile of Orange Peels
52 Erica Baum, from the series Piano Rolls
55 Elaine Reichek, My Archives and Ariadne’s Thread
65 Sheila Hicks, Notebook excerpts
72 Ida Rodriguez, The Magic of Textile Art
Luis Perez-Oramas, Gego och opkonstens analytiska scen 81
85 7 Gego, Sabidura #
88 Gego, Tejeduras
A cruder form of stitching (a conversation with fmarquespenteado) 97
Scott Weintraub, Juan Luis Martinez: Villa del Mar – S5o Paulo – Stockholm 119
Juan Luis Martinez 125
Monica de la Torre, I’m Not There: Juan Luis Martinez’s La Nueva Novela 146
Kriwet 157
Franz Mon 166
Jul Kovanda 177
Nascimento/Lovera, Archly° Nacional 186
Charlotte Posenenske, Statement 190
Materialization of an idea vs. happy owning. (a conversation on Charlotte Posenenske) 191
Simone Forti, Great Thanks, Thoreau Drawings, Empty Words 197
John Rajchman, Extra-Disciplinary in Sao Paulo 201
Fernand Deligny 212
Peter Pal Pelbart, Deligny / Life / Retraction / Something happened 217
…en plats som har ”vantat pa mig…” (ett samtal om Absalon) 223
Raul Antelo, Imminence and the archive of the future 232
Vinicius Spricigo, Beyond the Void. Flusser and the biennials 239
Vilem Flusser, Initial proposal for the organization of future Biennials on a scientific basis 247
Vilern Flusser, Encounter: analogies of languages 250
Vilern Flusser, Concrete – Abstract 253
John Bajchman, Mira Schendel’s Immanence 257
New visual alphabets (a conversation with Odires Mlaszho) 269
Givaldo Medeiros, Art, Landscape, Culture, Forms, and Signs in Collision. The Toperete’ Garden of Waldemar Cordeiro 291

Waldemar Cordell-0
wraidermai Coideiro ri Giorgio Moscati, Boa ha
L. C. Vinholes, Poem-Garden and Poem-Sculpture
Run0 LagOiltelfSinOt Otherwhere
StePhen Balm, P”lics beYond discipline (on Ian Hamilton Finlay)
Interlacing lvoids and things in landscapes (a convrersation with Stephen Bann)
Hugo Canoilas, Paradise Birds
Antonio Sergio Bessa, Unruly wild writing
Bruscky’s poetics (a conversation with Paulo 13rusc1cy)
Cristina Freire, Subterranean Art
Researching writing, exhibiting, teaching. The urgency of a critical apparatus (a conversation with Cristina Freire)
Cristina Freire, Museums and concrete poets in three periods (on Julio Plaza)
Julio Plaza, Poetica/Politica
Jorge Menna Barret°, ”Sao Paulo” 2013
Maria Adelaide do Nascimento Pontes, Documentation in the artistic practices of the Sao Paulo based groups Arte/Acao and 3nós3
Gugra Szabzon and Carlos Barmak, Educativo Bienal
Mobile Radio, City of Drizzle
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